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What A Leg Game

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Strategic Dragging

Success in What A Leg requires strategically dragging the leg around. You can’t just haphazardly flail. Think through the physics before tugging objects and determine the ideal angles and force. Build up momentum on the leg before whipping it into action. Precision dragging maneuvers will help unlock the puzzle solutions.

Hilarious Failure

The ragdoll physics of What A Leg lead to some hilarious wipeouts and failures before you succeed. Watching the leg get crushed, smacked away, or start spasming due to wonky physics is quite amusing. The wackier your solution attempt, the funnier the leg’s reaction. Don’t be afraid to experiment and enjoy the entertaining results.

Developer Commentary

What A Leg includes optional developer commentary explaining the inspiration behind each level’s design. These insights into the creative process make appreciating the puzzles even richer. The commentaries are full of humorous anecdotes about prototyping challenges and how levels evolved from early concepts. They offer a peek behind the curtain into crafting this ridiculous game.

Surprising Depth

At first glance, What A Leg looks like just a silly gimmick. But the well-designed levels reveal impressive depth and complexity using the simple premise. So much creativity went into fully exploring the potential of wielding an autonomous leg. The freedom to solve objectives your own way also allows for emerging gameplay stories as the solutions unfold. Underneath the ridiculous exterior is a remarkably smart and polished physics puzzle game with plenty of nuance to master. What A Leg demonstrates that limitations can spur ingenious game designs.

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