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Shell Shockers

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Shell Shockers is a whimsical multiplayer first-person shooter game that has earned a loyal following for its egg-themed antics. Let’s crack open the history of this yolk-filled browser shooter.


This Game delivers accessible FPS gameplay with an egg twist. Players take control of egg soldiers wielding egg guns and battle in chicken-laden maps. The goal is to crack opponents’ shells and be the last egg standing.

How to Play

Use the W A S D keys to move and the mouse to aim and shoot eggs. Collect weapons like scramblers and egg cannons scattered around the map. Crack enemy eggshells to defeat them. Be the last egg alive in free-for-all or team matches to win!


Shell Shockers was first conceived and developed by Blue Wizard Digital, a Canadian game studio founded in 2012. The game began as a small experimental browser title.

Release and Reception

This Game was launched in early 2018 exclusively on browsers. The cute design and simple run-and-gun gameplay made it an instant hit with players looking for casual competitive shooters.

Core Gameplay

At its heart, Shell Shockers delivers accessible FPS action with a quirky twist. Players take control of egg characters wielding egg-themed weapons like scrambled shotguns on chicken-filled maps.

Ongoing Support

Continued development over the years added new weapons, customizations, mini-games, and special events like Easter themes to keep ShellShockers fresh. A mobile version boosted its reach.

Lasting Appeal

Years later, Shell Shockers maintains a strong community of FPS fans who enjoy its lighthearted take on competitive shooters. Weekly updates give veterans a reason to keep coming back.


With its egg-centric charm and easy-to-pick-up run-and-gun gameplay, Shell Shockers carved out a niche in the browser FPS world that continues to resonate with casual players today.

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