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Tunnel Rush Unblocked

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Tunnel Rush captured the thrill of lightning-fast reactions and skill in an addictive online experience. With its huge success, an accessible version emerged, allowing more players to enjoy this intense flying avoidance challenge.


Tunnel Rush tests players’ reaction times. By tapping or clicking, players pilot the character through oncoming barriers. The game speeds up exponentially, challenging players to hone their reflexes.

How to Play

Use the mouse or space bar to make your flyer soar up, avoiding obstacles ahead. React quickly as the speed ramps up. See how far you can go and keep beating your high scores!


Tunnel Rush first released in 2014, developed by French studio Kizi Games. Players had to tap or click to steer through rapidly incoming blockades. Its intuitive controls and fast-paced gameplay made it an immediate hit.

Mainstream Popularity

The game gained massive popularity on web gaming portals like CrazyGames. The ability to quickly restart and surpass high scores gave it almost limitless replay value that appealed to skill-hungry players.

Rise of the Accessible Version

Given the game’s popularity in schools, an accessible version emerged, circumventing filters to give students access from restricted networks and devices.

Ongoing Appeal

Nearly a decade later, it remains popular today. Players still enjoy challenging themselves and sharpening their reflexes against the relentless onslaught of barriers. Unrestricted versions also remain in demand.

This challenging online game first appeared in 2014, developed by French studio Kizi Games. It quickly gained mainstream popularity on major web gaming portals. Players were tasked with tapping or clicking to steer a character through rapidly oncoming obstacles as speed ramps up exponentially.

Given how engaging and replayable players found the game, accessible versions soon emerged as well. These allowed the experience to reach those on restricted networks and devices. Nearly a decade after its initial launch, the game remains popular thanks to its emphasis on testing and honing player reflexes and reaction time. Gamers still enjoy beating their high scores and challenging themselves against the relentless onslaught of barriers.


The game demonstrated the appeal of quick reflex-based challenges with unlimited replay potential. Both the original and accessible versions satisfied players’ desires for intense skill-based thrills playable anywhere.

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