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Pacman Unblocked

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Ghost Personalities

Each enemy ghost in Pacman Unblocked has unique behaviors you’ll need to learn. Blinky aggressively chases directly at Pacman. Pinky tries to ambush by leading in front. Inky and Clyde have more erratic patterns. Their teamwork makes escaping all four difficult! But they also have flaws to exploit once you understand their approaches.

Power Pellet Strategies

Power pellets let you turn the tables and temporarily eat the ghosts for bonus points. But their effects only last seconds, so making the most of them is key. Clear out dead-ends first so you have space to trap ghosts. Cut off their retreat by munching pellets behind them. Wait until multiple ghosts are lined up together for big point cascades!

Varied Maze Designs

While the original map is iconic, Pacman Unblocked includes many alternate maze designs as well. Some feature completely different layouts, while others shuffle wall placements or include new paths. This keeps gameplay fresh, challenging your familiarity and forcing new strategies. Each map tests your skill in unique ways.

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