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Chrome Dino Unblocked

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Chrome Dino Unblocked allows you to play Google Chrome’s hidden endless runner game in browsers.






Unlocking Hidden Characters

While starting out with the classic green dinosaur, Chrome Dino Unblocked offers secret characters to unlock. By collecting 300 points in a run, you’ll gain access to a blue dinosaur. At 500 points, you can play as a dark green stegosaurus. Hit 700 points to control a red Tyrannosaurus Rex. These new skins provide fun visual variety and incentive to keep distance running to unlock them all.

Community High Score Challenges

The developers of Chrome Dino Unblocked have incorporated community high score challenges for collaborative competition. Periodically a target high score is announced, encouraging the player community to work together to achieve it. This engages players globally, as everyone’s distance contributes to the total. Reaching the score threshold unlocks fun new cosmetic items for a limited time. These events add variety beyond setting your own personal record in Chrome Dino Unblocked.

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